Fantasy Audiobook – Land of Gods

The new fantasy audiobook is at long last here – narrated by the amazing Jeff Hays! Check it out 😉


Narcel’s enslavers took everything from him: his family, the woman he loves, and his freedom. All he has left is his will to live and a burning hatred for his masters.

(“Relentlessly hypnotic and addictive pacing,” Matthew Ritter, writer of Retropunk and on the Walking Dead video game) (more…)

New Release: Angel of Reckoning

Angel of ReckoningIt’s the big day! My 4th book in the Reclaiming Honor series (A Kurtherian Gambit series) has launched and is rising up in the charts – be sure to check out ANGEL OF RECKONING!

There are new characters, conclusions to old threads, and some opening of new ones. Yay!  (more…)

Hounds of Light – It’s Almost HERE!

Check out my quick cover reveal/ promo clip for Hounds of Light:


A dark temple of vampires. An army of werewolves. One woman to stand against them all.

From author of the bestseller Reclaiming Honor books (A Kurtherian Gambit series), with Michael Anderle

Katherine thought that by taking on the leader of the Hounds of God, she’d be done with them. She didn’t know that the werewolf influence had spread deep throughout the country, and maybe the world.

Hunting down werewolves is one thing, but when a dark vampire comes calling, they find they must seek help.

Will Katherine and her new clan of two werewolves and a half-vampire be enough to take on such levels of evil?


Preorder Price: $0.99, and then it’ll go up to $3.99! 

PS – Audiobook for Hounds of God is done, and should appear on Audible/iTunes/Amazon any day now. Follow me on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss it!

Hounds of Light



UNEDITED (Preorder $0.99)

Okay, because someone asked for it – I wasn’t going to include the prologue here, because I didn’t want people thinking my novel is about a 13-year-old girl. That said, popular demand wins! So here you go!

Hounds of GodNOTE: If you’ve read my short story NIGHT’S CURSE, you might notice that there is some overlap. That is effectively a prequel to this (the backstory), but I wanted this novel to be able to stand on its own and not require people to read that short story.

Prologue: Nine Years Ago

KATHERINE NEVER WANTED THE MOMENT TO END, that Christmas Eve. Years later she would look back with restless yearning for that night. But not for the next morning.

Thirteen-year-old Katherine giggled on the couch beside her father. A thick blue snuggly wrapped around him, giving the impression of a fat wizard. She laughed again and pointed at the ridiculous getup. He smiled back with a wink. His white hair was momentarily highlighted purple from the lights on the trim outside the window. Frosty the Snowman blared from the kitchen, escaping into the living room along with the scent of cinnamon and cloves.

Katherine let her eyes slip to the silver and gold sparkling Christmas tree near the door. Presents lay piled underneath, stockings hung along the wall on the other side of the door. (more…)


UNEDITED (Preorder $0.99)

Hounds of GodThe closer soldier lunged for Katherine, but Danny kicked him off as the other two rushed forward to join in the struggle. His flashlight clanked against the rocks, casting bursts of light through the room as it was jostled about during the scuffle.

“Go!” Danny shouted.

Katherine hesitated, then ran and leaped for the rope. She pulled herself up as fast as she could, grateful for that aspect of Aldrick’s training, and was glad to see Danny following.

She was up and out when Danny yelped, barely hanging onto the rope as one of the soldiers pulled at his leg. Danny kicked and was free, but his hand came off the rope, and for a moment he was hanging in open air. Moving almost on instinct, Katherine reached out and caught him. With a great heave, she had him up and in the chamber, then slammed her boot hard into the face of a soldier about to climb up after them.

Danny was already pulling the rope free as he yelled, “Go!”

Throwing herself forward, she made for the small passage they’d crawled through to get here. A shout from behind told her Danny had met more trouble, and a quick glance showed two soldiers, one putting him in a chokehold, the other coming towards her.

She couldn’t leave Danny. (more…)