Space Dragons – Science Fantasy


Space Dragons are AMAZING

Who here doesn’t love space dragons? It’s fun, right? You get science fiction, you get dragons. Sometimes there are elements of magic, lasers, explosions, aliens, exploring cool planets. Awesomeness! With that in mind, I wanted to share some out there now, including my own. I also have a new series in this style coming in 2018, so stay tuned!

Here’s what’s great about these stories – they follow the traditions of science fiction, but don’t hold back. They let us truly immerse ourselves in worlds never dreamed of, with magic and magical beasts in the way that expand our creative minds and give us that nostalgic feel of fantasy. What do you like about them?


Black Friday Reads

For your Black Friday reads, here are a some suggestions 🙂

  • We released a $0.99 BOXSET (books 1-3) for Syndicate Wars, and Podium releases the audiobook on the 28th. Narrator Allyson Johnson also did David Webber’s Honor Harrington books – pretty exciting.

  • Our second Seppukarian series released, cowritten with Jonathan Yanez. Bring the Thunder has ranked #1 in Space Opera, Space Marines, and more! Right now it’s at 230 in the Amazon store – two weeks after release! All free in KU 🙂

Bring the Thunder

  • Awesome author Daniel Arenson released a new book called THE HEIRS OF EARTH and it’s discounted now. If you read scifi, you should be reading Daniel’s books.

Enjoy these Black Friday Reads! And hope you get some time for reading in.


Scifi Fantasy with Magic, Weres, and Vampires

I love scifi fantasy (Science Fiction with a Fantasy element, or something that makes it different from the normal space opera out there). What am I talking about? Stuff like Star Wars – those Jedi do magic. Admit it.

So I wanted to share some recent scifi books I’ve checked out / think are awesome, BECAUSE of these other elements. Also, I’ve included links to hear interviews with each of these authors!

1. Michael Anderle’s KURTHERIAN GAMBIT

2. Glynn Stewart’s STARSHIP’S MAGE 

3.  Michael-Scott Earle’s STAR JUSTICE



5. Brandon Barr’s SONG OF THE WORLDS




I have some fun ones out and more to come soon. If you’re interested in time travel and magic in a Space Marine series, check out the Syndicate War books (with George Mahaffey and Kyle Noe). My vampire and Were series, Reclaiming honor, is about to go to space, AND I’m launching a solo series in September that is scifi magic, probably closest to Glynn Stewart’s scifi fantasy above.

Syndicate Wars False Dawn

The Hidden Magic Chronicles

Shades of Light - The Hidden Magic ChroniclesDid you see that I got a new cover for my Hidden Magic Chronicles book 1? It’s the one on the left here – I have a great one for book 3 too, but you’ll have to wait for the cover reveal and snippets to start coming in September 🙂 Stay tuned!

And guess what? Tim Gerard Reynolds is narrating the series! He’s amazing, and has done series by R.A. Salvatore, Mark Lawrence, and other greats. Coming before the end of the year!


The Truth will set you free, but what happens when the Truth is a Lie?