New Release – Kari: The Hunt

I’m excited to share that KARI: THE HUNT is now live! It’s a fun book about a safari gone wrong on an alien planet, involving Kaiju monsters and all kinds of fun. Enjoy 🙂

Kari: The Hunt

Massive guns, giant alien monsters, and big egos. What could possibly go wrong?

Tommy is just another guy working for a hedge fund, when the richest person in history invites him and his boss on an alien safari. Sounds great, rubbing elbows with elite playboys and oodles of hotties in outer space, right? But everything goes completely fubar in a hurry. Turns out, a group of alien ninjas already lives on the planet — yeah, you read that right — alien ninjas! And they love to hunt. Now Tommy must choose between crying to his mommy and maybe getting an alien sword in his gut, or manning up to save those he’s come to care about.

If you like Tropic Thunder, Alien, Predator, or even Alien vs Predator (which we won’t hold against you), you’ll love this action-packed sci-fi adventure!

Grab it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.