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Gateway to the UniverseWhen it was just Bethany Anne, Michael, Valerie, and Robin, Bethany Anne stepped closer and took each of the ladies in an embrace. She pulled back, eyeing them, and smiled, a bit of her earlier humor in her eyes lost and concern replacing it. “You two have no idea what you’re getting into, do you?”

Valerie glanced around at the ship, wondering where it had been and what it had seen, and turned back to Bethany Anne, “None.”

Robin shook her head.

“Fair enough,” Bethany Anne nodded and started pacing back and forth as she spoke. “The future is going to be treacherous, but beautiful. Mind-blowingly full of activity, and yet, you’ll have moments where you wonder what you’re doing with your life and how you got here.” She sighed. “Unfortunately, your heart will ache as you miss your friends here on Earth. I can promise you that as I still ache a couple of times a year as I think of friends who died almost two centuries ago.” read more…


The first time Samantha had seen the world end, it had terrified her.

Of course, that vision had been long ago. Over three years, if her estimation was correct. Since then, the vision had come to her in nightmares and flashes in her mind, and each time it seemed more blurred, more… unsure.

The vision was always the same—an alien armada unlike anything the world had ever seen. Not the invasion that had already taken over the world and held it in a state of martial law. No, this invasion would put their current overlords to shame. The Syndicate would fight and, in the end, be crushed.

It didn’t help that others called her crazy.

It also didn’t help that she was certain she would have a hand in saving the world, because that meant it could only end badly. Either she would be proven right, and an alien invasion greater than any they had ever known would destroy their world, or she would fulfill her destiny, but her so-called friends would go on thinking she was insane.

The latter would do, she decided as she stared out of her foxhole, waiting for the Syndicate drone to fly by. They always did at this time of day—a patrol, one of many set up to ensure everyone was in by curfew. If the drone was lucky, it would find members of the resistance, the Last Remaining Resistance, or LRR, as its members liked to refer to it.  read more…


UNEDITED – SPOILER WARNING  (Be sure you’ve read Reclaiming Honor 1-8 first)
Gateway to the Universe

Valerie and Robin emerged from the transport ship, following closely behind Michael as he led them into the ArchAngel II, the large ship they had seen from the ground when Michael had picked them up.

It was still almost unbelievable that she had left her friends behind, all but Robin.

The woman at her side, barely a woman at all, if you counted her actual age instead of looking at her through the lens of all she had done.

Now it was the two of them leaving the comfort of their homes behind to go off and join Michael in the fight for humanity’s survival from a different angle—from space.

Only, as Michael had just explained to them, they had signed up for more than anything than they could have fathomed before his explanation. read more…




New York

Valerie took her first step into HQ in what felt like years, but really it hadn’t been more than a couple of months or so. How odd it felt, knowing that this building had once been home to her enemies. She had led a siege against Commander Strake and his Enforcers, then hunted him and the CEOs behind him down. The building had become her home after that, but now felt like such a strange, foreign place.

This sensation confirmed something she had been thinking about for a while now—that she didn’t belong here. But where did she belong? In space?

With a glance at the skies, she wondered what sort of battles were going on in space right now. Was it possible something could go wrong and it would all be over without her even getting a chance to fight?

Considering the fact that it was Bethany Ann up there fighting for their survival, she was hopeful. read more…