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Kill Code Review

Kill Code AudiobookThanks for the reviews! It’s always good to see my work appreciated, and in this case the reviewers seem to be hitting it spot on. These KILL CODE reviews demonstrate the idea of the book, so I wanted to give them a shoutout:

★★★★★ “Retro gaming meets VR gamelit”
This was a really fun listen. I really liked how old school games and beloved characters were not only a big part of the plot, but made appearances and helped out. Definitely similar to Ready Player One with the retro gaming nostalgia, but a classic stuck in the game LitRPG with high stakes. Excited for the next book and where it goes from here.

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Kill Code Audiobook

Kill Code AudiobookIn a world where war would result in complete annihilation, proxy war by simulation is the new way.


When a Marine turned video gamer is recalled for the world’s first virtual war, he learns the sim has been hacked. What follows is a crazy adventure of one Marine searching for survivors, battling mechs, and finding abnormalities in the sim that tie back to his old-school days as a gamer. His only help comes in the form of three badass warrior ladies, and two of them are characters from his favorite games.

It’s up to him and his new friends to win this war, or die trying.


With the advent of new technologies the world powers are unable to conduct wars in the traditional sense. Instant and mutually assured destruction is the norm so wars are now fought virtually in the form of Virtual Reality Role Play Games. The idea is each side has a set number with minimal weapons and the last player standing wins. Nice, neat, clean, and non-lethal….or is it? read more…

Shadow Corps Gamelit

Shadow Corps GamelitI’ve been listening back through the Shadow Corps books as I outline book four, and it’s funny how, when I wrote them, I didn’t think of them as Gamelit. I was just writing what I thought would be fun. Then I got reviews saying they were LitRGP, and I was confused. Anyway, reading this now… I see why. Check it out.

A SciFI Gamelit Snippet:

She threw herself at the bastards, quickly destroying them, then stepped back and looked down. The sword glowed to its full potential, and her last blue circle filled in.

A rush of energy filled her, tingling up from the suit. She felt it growing thicker, stronger… better.

As if she had just leveled up. Holy shit. This was too much fun. She checked, and sure enough, the lights had reset back at zero.

With a new zest for the fight, she charged into the cavern, her battle cry piercing the darkness. Now the creatures were falling left and right, but she noticed that the blue lights weren’t filling up quite as fast as before. When she came to a fork in the tunnels, a light appeared inches from her face and she nearly stumbled back, not expecting that. read more…

Sloan New Releases

Sloan New Release


Here is the plan for my next few releases. I hope to stick to it, but consider it more of an “I hope to…” style plan than anything concrete. Stay tuned!

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