NFT Writing

I recently started offering NFT Lore Writing services and found that it is a blast! To date I’ve worked on more than two-dozen projects, including web copy, roadmaps, lore/worldbuilding, character descriptions and background, graphic novels, novels, short stories, and videogames. If you’re interested in learning more or discussing a project, you can find me on Elder Tree NFT, at


I help NFT creators bring their characters to life, tell the stories of their characters, and build the worlds their characters live in.

After the Marines and traveling the world, I found my passion for creative writing. Now I tell stories in the form of video games, movies, and books that explore characters and imaginative worlds.

I hold a master’s degree in creative writing and I’ve been writing professionally for over eight years. During this time, I wrote on high profile games, optioned several screenplays, and published over 100 books. All of that experience comes into play when writing for NFT projects, of which I have worked on more than two dozen.


NFTs are special digital art and hold great value in themselves, but are so much more fun for the community when there’s a story behind the art. Like how Bored Ape NFT Jenkins the Valet became a star with Hollywood backing (see the story), how much more fun is it when the characters in a NFT world can have their own story, or at least some cool lore of how they came to be? Some creators are doing graphic novels, games, awesome trailers, or even animated movies! We can do so much more, and I’m super excited to be part of it.


While a couple of the top NFT projects I have worked on are still under NDA, some of the projects that have released include:

More out there, and more to come!

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Let’s make some NFT magic!