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Angel of ReckoningOld Manhattan, Sandra’s Caf

“I must die,” Valerie said.

Neither Sandra nor Jackson seemed to hear her, as Sandra was too busy arranging a cheese and wine sampler that some of her customers had ordered, while Jackson stood at the entryway to the backroom where they were all huddled. He kept pulling the curtain aside and nervously glancing out.

Valerie looked over her shoulder at Diego, going through one of the crates of supplies that had recently been delivered via blimp from Europe.

“Thank God this shipment made it through,” he said, closing the lid and turning to them with a smile. “All accounted for.”

“Good.” Sandra sliced chunks of cheese from a block, but this one she held as if she was going to take a bite. But right when it was close to her mouth she pulled it back to say, “One more damn shipment intercepted by those pirates, and I swear to god I’ll figure out how to become a vampire and go after them myself.”

Valerie just shook her head, flabbergasted.

“What?” Sandra asked. She looked at the others, who looked equally confused. “Did we miss something?” (more…)


Unedited (This is book 2, grab Hounds of God here. This contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read book 1)

Hounds of LightChapter 4

“I can’t continue working with a damned vampire!” Katherine stood in front of Mauro, hands on the desk. He sat in the chair opposite her, looking up at her with curiosity.

“You two were quite the team leading up to the downfall of Aldrick,” he said. “And you see the value of having him here.”

She closed her eyes, trying to ignore his calmness. It pissed her off that she was losing her temper while he was able to sit there and talk rationally with her.

“He’s a murderer,” she finally said. “It’s not just a matter of practicality, it’s a matter of right and wrong.”

“The world isn’t often as black and white as you’d have it.” Mauro stood and went to the window, looking out at the night sky where a sliver of moon was visible. “There are some who would’ve thought twice before accepting your friend, Danny. Heck, even I have a tarnished past from my days before all this.”

“We’re not talking about you,” she said, but he’d piqued her interest, so she waited.

He looked at her with a smile. “I wasn’t always a golden werewolf, nor a priest. We have many others to introduce you to, when the time is right. Maybe then you’ll hear my story.”

“Great, not only do you refuse to listen to reason, but you’re a tease.”

He laughed. “Perhaps, but the point remains that we need Matthew. His nickname, Hunter, now spreads fear among the Dark World, and—”

“Excuse me, dark what?”

“Just a term.” He folded his hands and assessed her. “There are those that would follow the path of light, and those that chose another path. I, and others in my group, call this second group the Dark World.” (more…)


UNEDITED (This is book 2, grab Hounds of God here. This contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read book 1)

Hounds of Light

Chapter 3

The werewolf groaned, and Katherine lowered him to a sitting position against the gate, where he transformed back into a human. His clothes were tattered, the look in his eyes terrified.

“Who was he?” Katherine asked the werewolf, but then her enhanced hearing picked up the sound of police sirens approaching. “Damn, cops must’ve heard the shots.”

The man tried to use the distraction to swing at Katherine, but Triston stepped in this time with a well-placed kick that sent him sprawling on the cement, next to his dead buddy.

“Take us where you were going,” Katherine said. “That, or join your friend here.”

“So die now, or die when they kill me for betrayal?” the man asked.

“Yes, that sounds about right.” Triston stepped up beside Katherine and shrugged. “Seems like an easy choice. At least if you wait, you’ll have a fighting chance of survival, here… not so much.”

“Come on,” the man said, with a grudging look at him. “It’s not far.”

He led them down the rest of the street, then around a curve in the road and to a large, brown house. It had stairs leading up to a patio, but when Katherine started walking up the stairs, the man said, “No, there.”

He pointed to the side of the stairs near the rear, where there was a door. He opened it for them and motioned to the stairs. “They expected me to return with you anyway.” (more…)


UNEDITED (This is book 2, grab Hounds of God here. This contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read book 1)

Hounds of Light

Chapter 2

Katherine sat at the table, chewing on cauliflower baked in curry powder, doing her best to ignore the grunts and smothered shouting of the two men downstairs. They’d questioned them and found that word had spread and there was a hunt for Katherine. That wasn’t anything new as far as she was concerned.

“We can’t let them live!” Matthew said, pacing across the living room of the house Mauro’s contact set them up with in North Berkeley. “Isn’t our point here to see justice delivered, to stop the evil of….” He stopped, looking at each of them, and then bit his lip.

“Evil of our kind, is that it?” Mauro said, hands behind his back. He stood tall, the ever regal man and werewolf. His eyes glowed yellow for a moment, and then he smiled. “While I appreciate the fervor in which you hunt, I must remind you that Katherine is right, we must offer help to those who will accept it.”

Matthew turned to her, nostrils flaring and eyes wide. “They were sent to kill you. You do realize this, right?” (more…)


UNEDITED  (This is book 2, grab Hounds of God here. This contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read book 1)

Hounds of Light
Katherine stood at the edge of the graveyard, watching the relatives she’d never known Danny had, wondering if he ever even knew about them. The setting sun cast an orange and pink hue across the cemetery, long shadows reaching across brown grass that swayed in the coastal breeze. The eerie calmness of it all sent a chill up Katherine’s spine as she imagined the dead rising from their graves to devour this world.

As far as she knew, that wasn’t possible. But then again, most people didn’t believe in werewolves and vampires either, so she didn’t know what could be real anymore.

The relatives had claimed Danny’s body soon after the mass murder was reported. The biggest news north of the border in many years—so many bodies found in a church. Getting his back across the border couldn’t have been easy, but here they were, in the midst of the burial ceremony.

Of course she came to grieve, to pay her respects… but also to see if any other werewolves would show their faces.

Given the reach of Aldrick’s Hounds of God, they had to have known about Danny’s relatives, she imagined. That’s why she stayed hidden in the tree line and her eyes kept wandering over to two men that seemed out of place. They were at the edge of the crowd, glancing around occasionally, likely looking for her.

Little did they know, she was looking for them as well. (more…)


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Judgment has Fallen

Enforcer HQ

Wallace entered the barracks floor, as they’d taken to calling the ninth floor of Enforcer HQ, where most of the cops, now Valerie’s soldiers, had been set up with rooms. Some had families and returned home each night, but those who didn’t were asked to stay here in case they were needed for defense.

He walked down the hallway and nodded to the cop on duty, seated behind a desk. The guard was the only one inside wearing his police cap, so you knew he was on duty. Although Valerie had taken to referring to them as her army, it was easier all around to still call them cops, or police officers, since that’s the uniform they all wore. He was still hopeful she wouldn’t change that—for him, the uniform was a grand tradition, and held certain levels of prestige.

“Any sign of her yet?” Wallace asked, glancing at the cop’s name to remind himself. “Buland?”

Buland just shook his head. “They said you’d be by to ask, and that if you did, to watch my back.”

“And why’s that?” Wallace asked with a frown. He didn’t consider himself harsh, or someone known for losing his temper.

“You never seem to like the answer, and now with your friends in power….”

“Hey, I just want to make sure that if anyone hears anything about Ella, I’m the first to know.” He folded his arms, very cognizant of the couple of heads that had poked out of doors. After a moment, he said, “So, nothing?”

“Nothing.” Buland glared. “As I said.”

“Right.” He was about to go and leave it at that, but then paused and turned back to the man. “You do realize I’m in charge here?”

“If you have to say it, maybe it’s not as true as you think.”

“The hell’s that supposed to mean?”

Buland raised an eyebrow, glancing behind him at the others who’d exited from their rooms and were standing by with curiosity. “We’ve been hearing things, right guys?”

The others shrugged while one shook his head but avoided Wallace’s gaze.

“Now might be a good time to tell me these things,” Wallace said.

“Come on, Wallace. You were a street cop, right?” Buland stood now, hand on his arc rod, as if Wallace might attack him for what he was saying. He had to admit, a part of him certainly wanted to. “A sergeant, right? And now you’re suddenly in charge here, because she says so?”

He felt his cheeks flushing with anger. Where the hell had this talk been a week ago when everything was falling apart around them, when Strake’s armies were invading, and when they were fighting the vampires and Nosferatu? They were cowering behind his leadership, that’s where.

“Who’s got a problem with it?” he asked.

“Top brass,” Buland said. “I’m not saying I’m with you or against you, but let’s be honest. We serve the uniform, which means we have no choice but to follow rank.” (more…)