As we prepare to release book 3, I thought I’d share a couple snippets of Book 1 and 2, so here’s some of DEATH BOUND (Modern Necromancy Book 2). Here goes!

Death BoundDEATH BOUND (And book 1 is Now in Audio)

Chapter 1: Blind Date

Rohan climbed onto the crowded metro bus with a bouquet of flowers in hand. With a burst of energy, he sprung up the steps and into the aisle, where he became immediately aware of eyes. Passengers, who had been sullenly gazing out the window during the evening commute, had stopped to stare at him.

It must have been the flowers. He gave an awkward smile and weaved between the riders who were standing or sitting with their feet jutting into the aisle.

Soon the people went back to their routine. A newspaper rustled. Rock music blared through the headphones of a nearby teenage girl. Someone was eating Chinese food in spite of the bus’s no food or drink policy, and the smell of fried rice reminded Rohan of the Chinese restaurants in L.A.

Ever since he had moved to Virginia, he’d gotten stares. Maybe it was in his mind, but regardless, he just couldn’t feel at home here, even though he had started over. Saving the world and catching a glimpse of a better side of the afterlife while saying farewell to your dead fiancé tends to unbalance even the greatest of minds. At least, that’s what Rohan told himself every time he started to feel a bit dizzy or like he didn’t belong in this world.

A woman’s voice sounded from the back of the bus.

“Rohan, over here!” (more…)


As we prepare to release book 3, I thought I’d share a couple snippets of Book 1 and 2 with you. So here’s some of Death Marked (Modern Necromancy Book 1). Here goes!

deathmarked-blueDEATH MARKED (121 reviews on! Now in Audio)

They ran down the steep mountain slopes that had taken them several days to climb. More than once they had to hide in crevices in the rocks, cramped against each other, waiting with paused breath in the darkness as snowmobiles zoomed past, headlights casting long shadows across the face of the mountain.

“They’re relentless,” Rohan said, after they climbed out a crevice for the fifth time.

Altemus joined him, then patted the velvet bag around his waist. “Let ‘em try to take it from me.”

It was grueling and nerve-racking, but they made their way down the slopes without being caught. After a day’s travel, the snowmobile patrols let up as the snow gave way to rocky ground. The trio had the advantage on foot, and now that they were in the clear, they picked up their speed and descended twice as fast as they had climbed.

The sky changed from gray to bright blue with wispy clouds. The sharp, snowy peaks of the Urals rose into the air behind them. The air grew fuller, too, and Rohan loosened his jacket collar as the temperature rose and he found it easier to breathe. Every once in a while, he looked over his shoulders at the peaks, glad the temple was far away. (more…)


As we prepare to release book 3, I thought I’d share a couple snippets of Book 1 and 2 with  you. So here’s some of Death Marked (Modern Necromancy Book 1). Here goes!

deathmarked-blueDEATH MARKED (121 reviews on! Now in Audio)

Acting on instinct again, Rohan charged the man before he could pull the trigger. He thrust his shoulder into the guard’s abdomen, and the guard dropped the gun as he fell screaming over the edge of the parapet. The scream ended abruptly with a crack.

Rohan couldn’t bring himself to look down. When he finally did, he saw the man’s body lying broken on the rocks.

Rohan’s gut clenched and a sharp pain shot through his head—he’d made his first kill.

Or had he? A movement below gave him hope. Then, slowly, the man moved against the rocks with a low groan.

Rohan sighed with relief and looked at the knife in his hand, shaking his head. Thank God the man was alive.

A whistle cut through the air, drawing his attention to the temple again. Lev and Altemus were waiting. Just past them was what appeared to be a large courtyard with a sanctuary in the center. It had several spires and was made of red brick, scattered with square windows lit by candlelight.

Lev motioned to some nearby rocks that were just tall enough for them to reach the roof. “Better than the front door.” (more…)

Urban Fantasy Werewolf Novel – HOUNDS OF GOD

Hounds of GodWe’ve all been patiently waiting for the newest urban fantasy werewolf novel, but the wait is over. Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to… (drumroll please) … Hounds of God!

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Torn from her parents at a young age, Katherine is raised in a pack of werewolves like herself and brought into the ways of the Hounds of God: An army of werewolves that will bring justice to evildoers.

But when their leader is killed and everything Katherine has believed is thrown on its head, she sets off with a small group of friends in search of a cure to what she now believes is a curse.

This search for a cure leads her to a fight for survival where she’s challenged to embrace the beast within. Will she give up everything to stop the nefarious army of werewolves, betraying those she once considered family?



UNEDITED (Preorder $0.99)

Hounds of GodChapter 3

Danny ignored the burning in his leg, pushing on through the woods. The bullet had merely grazed him, tearing a line in his pants and drawing a sliver of blood. Nothing worth whining over.

The soldiers or whatever they were—Gregor’s men, most likely—were drawing close, he could tell by the flutter of a bird one moment, a not-so-distant curse the next. They might have been wearing special operations gear, but they certainly weren’t military trained, that much was clear.

Still, if they caught him or Kat, who knows what would happen.

At a clearing, Danny side-stepped and changed direction. If he continued straight, they wouldn’t even have to track him, but just keep running. This way, he’d be able to test his theory about them being untrained.

He found a rocky ledge and darted around to a slope that led him up, then at the top threw himself flat on the ground and watched, waiting.

Sure enough, a couple of soldiers kept on moving the direction he’d been heading.

One stopped, then sniffed the air.

Not a good sign. (more…)

Allie Strom: The Bringer of Light Trilogy

alliestrom-finalMy urban fantasy Allie Strom: The Bringer of Light Trilogy book is now out and has a cool new cover!

This ebook bundle holds the first THREE books in the BRINGER OF LIGHT teen paranormal supernatural thriller.

Allie is starting seventh grade in a new school, and just wants to fit in. Little does she know, she’s about to discover it’s up to her to save her missing mom, confront evil, and find missing ancient relics they’ll need to defeat Samyaza and his fallen angels once and for all.

The complete urban fantasy TRILOGY readers are comparing to Shannon Hale, Rick Riordan, and Lisa McMann.