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Syndicate War

6 copies of Syndicate Wars and a $25 Amazon Gift Card1



With an alien invasion and survival of the human race at stake, service in the Marines was no longer optional, it was a matter of life and death.

This was especially true for Quinn, a Marine sergeant who was hell-bent on ensuring that her young daughter had a world to grow up in. But one thing separates Quinn from the others:

She’s a certifiable badass.

And as the aliens will learn, it’s tough to keep a good woman down

“SYNDICATE WARS is the perfect mash-up of STARSHIP TROOPERS and THE DIRTY DOZEN. A space opera with heart, great characters, and neverending action, the set-up will suck you in and the characters and story, including a very cool time-travel hook, will keep you wanting more.”

— Stephen L’Heureux, SOLIPSISTFILMS (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For)


Free Fantasy and Scifi Books!

free scifi and fantasy

NO LONGER AVAILABLE! But don’t worry – check back and be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified about the next one. Oh, and THE DESTROYER is always free, so you can at least get that! You can also have my #Free fantasy short story – a prequel to Land of Gods. It’s on Amazon and called BLADES OF GRESVA.



Blade 1 copyIn case you don’t know, BookBub is the magic every author hopes to get their book into – I’ve been submitting for about two years to try and get one of my free promos featured there. Guess what?

Blade of the Sea is featured there today!

It’s FREE, and the idea is that people will love it and download like crazy, leading to Kindle Unlimited (KU) reads (because it’s free on KU too, always), purchases of the other books in the series, and the accompanying audiobook (if you get the ebook, free or not, you can get the audiobook for only $1.99).

But someone asked me this morning – what else are you doing?

Audiobook Access Promotion – with Harry Potter!

Here’s what else I decided to do: Giveaway some copies of my audiobooks. I’m hoping this will draw more attention to the audiobooks, and have linked to it in my ebook front and back matter.

As part of the giveaway(more…)

Audiobook Giveaway – Urban Fantasy Audiobooks

aa-urban-fantasy-2-1My audiobook with Michael La Ronn (DEATH MARKED) just launched on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, and to celebrate we joined this awesome urban fantasy audiobooks AUDIOBOOK GIVEAWAY.


He wanted to bring his fiancée back from the dead. If he’s not careful, he’ll join her. Evans’s world was turned upside down when he lost his fiancée Senna in a tragic accident. He misses her so desperately that he’s resorted to the dark arts to bring her back.  (more…)