Free Fantasy and Scifi Books!

free scifi and fantasy

NO LONGER AVAILABLE! But don’t worry – check back and be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified about the next one. Oh, and THE DESTROYER is always free, so you can at least get that! You can also have my #Free fantasy short story – a prequel to Land of Gods. It’s on Amazon and called BLADES OF GRESVA.

There you go! For your enjoyment, I organized 8 of us authors together to all offer an awesome book for FREE – one day only. So get on it!

(February 20th – Amazon U.S. only – though this might work for UK, I’m not sure)


Land of Gods (Amazon mistake on this one – free starting tomorrow, 2/21/2017)

The Destroyer


Ranger’s Folly

Star Brigade: Resurgent (Star Brigade Book 1)


The Amber Project

Alpha Undercover

So there you go – no excuse not to be doing some amazing reading! I recently shared Reading Addicts 10 free books with you, and now this! That’s 18 books to keep you busy 🙂

Want more free books! Check out these ones on SM Boyce’s website (including mine again)


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