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Hounds of GodThe closer soldier lunged for Katherine, but Danny kicked him off as the other two rushed forward to join in the struggle. His flashlight clanked against the rocks, casting bursts of light through the room as it was jostled about during the scuffle.

“Go!” Danny shouted.

Katherine hesitated, then ran and leaped for the rope. She pulled herself up as fast as she could, grateful for that aspect of Aldrick’s training, and was glad to see Danny following.

She was up and out when Danny yelped, barely hanging onto the rope as one of the soldiers pulled at his leg. Danny kicked and was free, but his hand came off the rope, and for a moment he was hanging in open air. Moving almost on instinct, Katherine reached out and caught him. With a great heave, she had him up and in the chamber, then slammed her boot hard into the face of a soldier about to climb up after them.

Danny was already pulling the rope free as he yelled, “Go!”

Throwing herself forward, she made for the small passage they’d crawled through to get here. A shout from behind told her Danny had met more trouble, and a quick glance showed two soldiers, one putting him in a chokehold, the other coming towards her.

She couldn’t leave Danny. (more…)