UNEDITED  (This is book 2, grab Hounds of God here. This contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read book 1)

Hounds of Light
Katherine stood at the edge of the graveyard, watching the relatives she’d never known Danny had, wondering if he ever even knew about them. The setting sun cast an orange and pink hue across the cemetery, long shadows reaching across brown grass that swayed in the coastal breeze. The eerie calmness of it all sent a chill up Katherine’s spine as she imagined the dead rising from their graves to devour this world.

As far as she knew, that wasn’t possible. But then again, most people didn’t believe in werewolves and vampires either, so she didn’t know what could be real anymore.

The relatives had claimed Danny’s body soon after the mass murder was reported. The biggest news north of the border in many years—so many bodies found in a church. Getting his back across the border couldn’t have been easy, but here they were, in the midst of the burial ceremony.

Of course she came to grieve, to pay her respects… but also to see if any other werewolves would show their faces.

Given the reach of Aldrick’s Hounds of God, they had to have known about Danny’s relatives, she imagined. That’s why she stayed hidden in the tree line and her eyes kept wandering over to two men that seemed out of place. They were at the edge of the crowd, glancing around occasionally, likely looking for her.

Little did they know, she was looking for them as well. (more…)


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Okay, because someone asked for it – I wasn’t going to include the prologue here, because I didn’t want people thinking my novel is about a 13-year-old girl. That said, popular demand wins! So here you go!

Hounds of GodNOTE: If you’ve read my short story NIGHT’S CURSE, you might notice that there is some overlap. That is effectively a prequel to this (the backstory), but I wanted this novel to be able to stand on its own and not require people to read that short story.

Prologue: Nine Years Ago

KATHERINE NEVER WANTED THE MOMENT TO END, that Christmas Eve. Years later she would look back with restless yearning for that night. But not for the next morning.

Thirteen-year-old Katherine giggled on the couch beside her father. A thick blue snuggly wrapped around him, giving the impression of a fat wizard. She laughed again and pointed at the ridiculous getup. He smiled back with a wink. His white hair was momentarily highlighted purple from the lights on the trim outside the window. Frosty the Snowman blared from the kitchen, escaping into the living room along with the scent of cinnamon and cloves.

Katherine let her eyes slip to the silver and gold sparkling Christmas tree near the door. Presents lay piled underneath, stockings hung along the wall on the other side of the door. (more…)