UNEDITED  (This is book 2, grab Hounds of God here. This contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read book 1)

Hounds of Light
Katherine stood at the edge of the graveyard, watching the relatives she’d never known Danny had, wondering if he ever even knew about them. The setting sun cast an orange and pink hue across the cemetery, long shadows reaching across brown grass that swayed in the coastal breeze. The eerie calmness of it all sent a chill up Katherine’s spine as she imagined the dead rising from their graves to devour this world.

As far as she knew, that wasn’t possible. But then again, most people didn’t believe in werewolves and vampires either, so she didn’t know what could be real anymore.

The relatives had claimed Danny’s body soon after the mass murder was reported. The biggest news north of the border in many years—so many bodies found in a church. Getting his back across the border couldn’t have been easy, but here they were, in the midst of the burial ceremony.

Of course she came to grieve, to pay her respects… but also to see if any other werewolves would show their faces.

Given the reach of Aldrick’s Hounds of God, they had to have known about Danny’s relatives, she imagined. That’s why she stayed hidden in the tree line and her eyes kept wandering over to two men that seemed out of place. They were at the edge of the crowd, glancing around occasionally, likely looking for her.

Little did they know, she was looking for them as well. (more…)




Enforcers HQ

The entrance to Enforcer HQ was swarming with civilians, men and women asking questions about the night before. One woman shouted questions, wanting to know about the noise and explosions. A man claimed his neighbor swore he saw someone running around with red, glowing eyes.

“What in the world is happening?” An elderly man, carrying what must have been his granddaughter on his shoulders, asked. “We want to know what’s going on in our city!”

“We have nothing to tell you at the moment,” one of the police personnel guarding Enforcer HQ said. “You don’t like it, you can leave!”

Valerie, slightly out of breath, was watching this and not liking it one bit. Others continued to shout about destruction and missing friends or family members. She found that last part intriguing, since as far as she had seen, most of the fighting had taken place outside of the city walls. Out there where only the drugged out ones seemed to live. Somehow it hadn’t occurred to her that those druggies had families too, that every one of them was someone’s daughter, son, brother or sister.

Guilt pulled at the lining of her stomach, much as it had that day in France when everything had changed, and she’d left her vampire family behind. (more…)