UNEDITED – More of this post-apoc vampire story


Valerie paced before her window, shoulders tight with worry, as she watched Diego and Cammie walk off. Sandra stood rigid, arms crossed protectively in front of her, looking like someone had kicked her puppy. Ella had reported in with her brother Peterson, and his cop partner, Wallace.

“I want the city walls up at all times,” Valerie commanded. “Day and night, got that?”

Ella nodded, but held up a hand of caution. “Just… what exactly should we tell the people of the city?”

Valerie looked at the former Enforcer, now wearing a cop uniform like her brother, and smiled. One who asks questions and thinks about repercussions, she liked that.

“Excuse my lack of knowledge about how the city works.” Valerie paced and then stopped. She looked out to the west, where she could see the edges of the city. Or, at least where the working city met what she’d begun to term the dead city. That’s where the walls went up, only at nights, until now. “What is it we currently tell the citizens of Old Manhattan?”

Ella shared a look with Wallace that said she wasn’t sure, so Wallace stepped up.

“Mostly we blame it on the wackos and nomads.” He had a way of glancing at Ella every once in awhile and did that now with a nervous smile. “Mostly we just enforce it, don’t really bother with what they know, because honestly… we didn’t know.”

“I had a hint of an idea,” Ella said. “I mean, I knew about the Weres and the hunting, so put two and two together.

“And she didn’t tell you any of this?” Valerie asked Wallace. “In spite of your… situation?”

He blushed, giving it away—she’d guessed right. Those looks were the type lovers shared. (more…)