Space MarineA group of Marines were busy in the silo’s command center trying to communicate with their families and figure out what was left of civilization after the invasion. They’d related to the resistance fighters that they’d escaped from the Syndicate after being given direct orders to assault and liquidate Shiloh.

This greatly concerned the resistance fighters who’d long believed that they were protected from attack because of the nuclear missiles housed in the silo. After discussing the possibilities of an imminent alien attack, Comerford and the others transitioned to other issues, specifically background information on how society had quickly broken down after the invasion. How the military had valiantly fought back, but been crippled by the alien’s overwhelming forces and technology.

They’d also come to learn that even though they’d known about the invasion, the top brass hadn’t been prepared for the alien’s tactics. Comerford, who’d once served in Army intelligence, was showing classified and open-source footage on a series of screens that had been downloaded in the hours before and directly after first contact with the Syndicate. While all indications were that the Syndicate had indeed knocked out a good number of satellites, some still remained along with intermittent internet access. Giovanni, Milo, Renner, Hayden, Cody, Xan, Hawkins, Mackie, and several other resistance fighters studied the footage. (more…)


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Syndicate Wars 2Mortar rounds began dropping as an airborne drone sliced by, distending a mass of metallic tentacles that ensnared a female resistance fighter. Giovanni watched the drone pull the screaming woman up into the air until she was barely visible, and then it dropped her.

The woman shrieked, windmilling her arms, falling through the air before her body broke apart on the roof of an adjacent house.

“Fuckers!” Calee said, pulling up next to Giovanni. She had a Hafnium rocket launcher over one shoulder and was hungry for targets.

“Cover me!” she said, and Giovanni did, turning and firing several rounds as the drones regrouped and menacingly moved forward.

The chain guns on the drones turned night to day, spitting fire continuously, as Calee dove for cover. She scrabbled behind a brick wall and rose and fired her rocket.

The missile arced up and then came down on a hard angle, detonating on top of another drone, splintering it into five smoking pieces. (more…)


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Syndicate WarA base liaison officer led the Marines from the armory down a short set of stairs and through various anterooms until they hit a catwalk bolted onto the far side of the mountain. The catwalk extended behind an armored bulwark called “Block Thirteen,” which was notched with cubbies where Marines could sleep or shoot through firing holes.

Here and there were missile batteries and robotic chain-gun cannons pointed at the sky that could fire one thousand thirty-millimeter rounds per minute. Next to the weapons were phalanxes of anti-missile devices hooked to their own targeting systems—close-in cannons on swivel bases that fired chaff and tungsten penetrator rounds, designed to destroy any incoming alien missiles and artillery.

The Marines stopped and Hayden went down the line, assigning each a cubby. Quinn humped her gear down toward the end of Block Thirteen and dropped it in a cubby next to Renner’s.

Quinn stashed her rucksack at the back of the cubby and peered through a gun slot. Everything was green, the immense jungle below spreading out in every direction. She made sure the others weren’t looking, then withdrew her cellphone, a battered iPhone that had seen better days. She opened her photo album and started at the beginning, flipping through photos of her daughter from the moment she was born up to the present, her eighth birthday. Sammy aged right before her eyes and Quinn fought to suppress the tightness in her throat, the burning at the edges of her nose. She wanted badly to call her up, to check on her folks, but she knew that was forbidden. Intel had briefed the Marines and warned them that the use of cellular devices might be used by the enemy to track movements and positions. Knowing SouthCom like she did, bastards who cared about nothing more than winning, she figured they probably had cellphone suppression around the base anyway.

Music echoed, and Quinn set down her phone and peered around the side of the cubby. Renner was on his stomach, listening to some classical music while staring at a collection of religious figurines. (more…)


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Syndicate WarWith every reason to suspect that this might be the last day of her life, Quinn adjusted her well-worn battle armor and shouldered her assault rifle, staring up at the billowing gray clouds of the early afternoon sky.

There were no rays of light, no sign from the heavens, nor any other reason to be optimistic.

Yet, somehow, she still possessed a modicum of hope, because she wasn’t just readying to fight for herself. Hers wasn’t necessarily a personal battle for survival; rather, it was a fight on behalf of humanity against an invading force of aliens that might soon sweep across the Earth, ushering in a new age of extinction. Quinn had always thought that despondency arose out of having choices, and since there was only one option—do battle against the invaders and squeeze every ounce of life from their bodies—there was little reason to lose heart.

A bemused smile danced across her lips, and she wondered how it had come to this. How a young woman from an Ohio backwater could enter the Corps as a means to support herself and her little girl and then, only a few years later, be on the front lines of what might be history’s last great stand. The battle to end all battles, the fight to save Earth from a powerful alien force that the Marines simply knew as the Syndicate.

Soon they would likely see the first sign of what might bring their impending death. Quinn and the others in her squad, the thirty-six men and women of the Global Force Marines, were ready for whatever the day might bring, even if that meant their complete and utter annihilation. (more…)