Syndicate Wars False DawnXan marched down through the main hallway in the bottom of the silo. She was accompanied by a bear of a man in grime-splotched clothing, a resistance fighter from Colorado in his forties named Quarrels, who’d lost most of his right hand during a Syndicate bombing run in the days after the initial invasion. Quarrels had just come in from a long-range patrol and had some rather startling intelligence that Xan wanted to share with Comerford.

They found Comerford in the silo’s command center, seated in a chair, a faraway look in his eye as he peered at war footage on a bank of monitors. When he glanced up to see this raggedy man accompanying Xan, his eyes narrowed.

“This him?” Comerford asked.

“Joe Quarrels,” Xan replied with a nod and a smile. “Fresh in from the world.”

“I heard you were out in the field for the better part of three weeks.”

“More like four, sir.” Quarrels smiled, revealing that most of his teeth were missing. He smacked his thigh and dust flew into the air.

Quarrels extended his hand and the men shook. Comerford glanced down at Quarrels hand, eyes going wide to see that he was missing all of the digits on his right hand except for his middle finger.  (more…)



Space MarineA group of Marines were busy in the silo’s command center trying to communicate with their families and figure out what was left of civilization after the invasion. They’d related to the resistance fighters that they’d escaped from the Syndicate after being given direct orders to assault and liquidate Shiloh.

This greatly concerned the resistance fighters who’d long believed that they were protected from attack because of the nuclear missiles housed in the silo. After discussing the possibilities of an imminent alien attack, Comerford and the others transitioned to other issues, specifically background information on how society had quickly broken down after the invasion. How the military had valiantly fought back, but been crippled by the alien’s overwhelming forces and technology.

They’d also come to learn that even though they’d known about the invasion, the top brass hadn’t been prepared for the alien’s tactics. Comerford, who’d once served in Army intelligence, was showing classified and open-source footage on a series of screens that had been downloaded in the hours before and directly after first contact with the Syndicate. While all indications were that the Syndicate had indeed knocked out a good number of satellites, some still remained along with intermittent internet access. Giovanni, Milo, Renner, Hayden, Cody, Xan, Hawkins, Mackie, and several other resistance fighters studied the footage. (more…)