Judgment has Fallen

Post-Apocalyptic Attempt at a Dive Bar, Old Manhattan

Sandra glanced over her shoulder through a window, wondering if she’d really just seen Valerie running across a rooftop and then disappearing over its side.

No, she had to have imagined it.

“What is it?” Diego said, moving to the window beside her and gazing out. He shrugged and smiled back at her. “Looking to see shapes in the clouds? That one looks kind of like a snake, right?”

“Huh?” she glanced back out and saw what he was talking about. Though, if you considered the sunlight at its tip, she could almost see it as something more humorous, and laughed.

Then he saw it too, and rolled his eyes. “Let’s stick with snake.”

“Call them whatever you want,” she said. “That one’s pissing sunlight all over us.”

“You know, you’ve gotten weirder lately.” He made his move by sliding a little wooden play piece across the board, and smiled. “Usually I like it.”

“Just not when it involves clouds that look like man-parts?”

He laughed. “No, I guess even then, too. Your turn.” (more…)