Amazon Book Giveaway Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon

Dawn of Destiny - SMALLTo celebrate my second book in the Eternal Light series (Dawn of Destiny – available for preorder now), I’m doing an Amazon ebook giveaway of Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon.

Why this book? Because Back by Sunrise and Dawn of Destiny are the prequel series to my Allie Strom books. If you read those two, you’ll see the epic way that they connect, and how it’s really one just big series (I happen to like trilogies though, and I think you’ll agree when you read that this way makes the most sense). So come along for the ride and see if you win your free ebook!




In this teen paranormal fantasy, Allie thinks she’s a normal kid with normal problems on her first day of seventh grade. She hopes for a fresh start despite her mom being overseas with the Army, again. But none of that matters when she discovers that her mom has gone missing.

On the same day of her mom’s disappearance, Allie finds the necklace her mom was never without. When the necklace magically teleports her new friend Daniel and her to Central Asia, she learns her necklace contains an ancient magic; the power of the ring of Solomon, which she must use to fight off an army of darkness and a giant with eyes of fire.

Most important of all, the necklace appears to be the key to finding her mom.