Podcast Book Reviews from the Square Groot – Retribution Calls

Podcast Book Reviews - Retribution CallsWhen someone reviews your first book, that’s pretty awesome. But when they go on to review your second book? World changing! This is especially true of podcast book reviews.

You want to go hear this podcast review, and then check out my interview with the guys on the show – guaranteed you’ll enjoy! Plus, they have awesome Brittish accents, so we all win.

It’s an awesome podcast, and they have interviews with Joe Abercrombie and other amazing authors.


The Square Groot Fantasy Podcast Reviews Fantasy Book Land of Gods

The Square Groot Fantasy Podcast Reviews Land of GodsI’m pretty excited to share that The Square Groot podcast reviewed my book, Land of Gods. Was it perfect? No, they didn’t just blow smoke up my butt, so that was nice. Haha. But overall it was positive and I look forward to their thoughts about book two (but really book three, because it is freaken amazing).

So yeah, if you want to check out the review, listen here:


Fantasy Book Reviews: Land of Gods, Retribution Calls, Tears of Devotion

Falls of Redemption - Epic Military FantasyIf you’re in the market for some awesome fantasy books, the first resource you’re likely to use are fantasy book reviews, am I right? If you trust others’ opinions on what fantasy books are great, consider Outnerd’s reviews. It’s a new website, that, after seeing these wonderful fantasy book reviews below, told me it’s one to follow.

(Warning – Spoilers Ahead) (more…)