Falls of Redemption Art

This is one of the characters from my FALLS OF REDEMPTION trilogy – can anyone guess who? First 5 correct (or semi-correct?) guesses gets a #Free Audiobook! US and UK only. Comments below!

More Fun Art?

Also, what do you think? I love this artist’s work, and think I’ll commission her to do more. Maybe a piece on Cammie from my Reclaiming Honor series? How about my others – what would you like to see there? Thanks for the feedback!

By the way, this will be the cover of a short story spinoff probably. So stay tuned, and join the newsletter to keep up to date!

PS – if you have the Land of Gods ebook (Falls of Redemption book 1), the Audiobook is only $1.99. That’s a serious steal.



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  1. That’d be Robin? Can’t wait for this book to come out, to see where Val and Robin end up. I might have been reading a lot into their story, but it seemed to me that they need each other, maybe more than either realize.

    • hehe, forgot to add, I love this art style.

    • Thank you, but no! I’ll have this artist do one for Robin 🙂 This is actually a character from the Falls of Redemption trilogy (book 3), and might get her own spinoff.

      The books are here: http://amzn.to/2qHT7WK

      • Ahhh, and arrrg I probably shouldn’t read when I’m tired, nor try to answer questions :p I was in a totally different series lol I’ll read this series now, so I’ll know who it is 🙂 But, honestly when I first saw it all I could think of is Robin :p


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