Death Bound – New Release

deathboundIt’s with great excitement that I get announce the launch of DEATH BOUND (Modern Necromancy Book 2). What makes it even more exciting is that the first book in the series, DEATH MARKED, now has over 100 reviews! This is a milestone for both myself and coauthor Michael La Ronn.

If you can help us out by grabbing a copy and leaving a review – awesome!


He thought he left the spirit world behind him. He was dead wrong.

Rohan defeated the evil Frank Altemus, but now it’s his ghost he has to worry about. To make matters worse, Altemus obtains a stone tablet with the magic needed to settle the score.

Rohan’s only hope is a woman named Nora, a reluctant necromancer who wants nothing to do with the journey.

Rohan and Nora will have to work together to stop Altemus from using the tablet to rewrite the rules of the afterlife. If they don’t, Altemus will turn the world of the living into the world of the dead.

Death Bound is the second book in the urban fantasy Modern Necromancy series. It’s a fast-paced chase around the world that will keep you on the edge of your seat and fear the dead.


Death Marked: An Urban Fantasy Series (Modern Necromancy Book 1)

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Rohan’s fiancé died and he needed some kind of closure – or perhaps a chance to bring her back? That’s why he was trudging through the snow in the Ural Mountains with Altemus and their Russian guide, Lev. The other two were seeking a skull with the power to resurrect the dead. It was a difficult journey and the cave entrance they sought was guarded. They would have to kill to get past the armed guards.

Making their way into the temple, where a blood ritual was taking place by robed men, they found what they were looking for. But snatching the skull set off an alarm and they had to run for their lives. Men on snowmobiles pursued them relentlessly, but being on foot, they had an advantage and could hide out of sight. Finally they made it down past the heavy snow to rocky ground where the snowmobiles could not follow. They continued their journey, getting further away and heading toward the next dangerous adventure. Will each man get what he had expected? Or is far more awaiting them?

It was clever how the authors kept the reader tense and in suspense through Rohan’s character. He was not like the others and was experiencing things that were way outside his comfort level. The pace of the story was relentless. The threat of evil surrounded everything. This is a really good book that holds your attention and pushes you forward where sometimes you are not sure you want to go! Give it a try and you’ll appreciate a great story.