Tears of DevotionThere it is, the complete trilogy! Oorah! It’s a bit dark, as you can see. I wanted to make sure that the readers of the first two books know what they’re getting into. While book 1 and 2 had dark moments, those were more about the journey of a young man who’s discovering who he is a man. Not any more – now it’s full on war, attempted assassinations, and yes, a bit of fantasy and magic.

Are you ready? You can buy it here. 

 The book description:

Just when peace seems to have settled in Braze, the dark power of The Six throws the land into turmoil. Equitas and Semreh team up again to risk everything in a fight against insurmountable odds. The fate of the world lies in their hands, but what chance do they have when the stakes are beyond what any mortal can bear?


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