Best Fantasy Books 2010-2016


Best Epic Fantasy BooksThe best fantasy books of the last several years deserve to be read by a larger audience than just the loyal fans, so I thought I’d highlight some of those amazing fantasy books for you all.

First, remember that it’s all subjective — I’ve included Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind because I truly loved reading the book (and book 2 in the series). However, there are plenty of people who have negative things to say about the book, and the complaints make sense, even if I totally disagree and think Mr. Rothfuss is a genius.

Second, some of these books are indie, so even the loyal fantasy nerds may not have read them.

Here are the Best Epic Fantasy Books

A Dance with Dragons, George R.R. Martin

Words of Radiance, Brandon Sanderson

The Republic of Theives, Scott Lynch

The Wise Man’s Fear, Patrick Rothfuss

House of Blades, Will Wight

Zane Halloway, PT Hylton

The Destroyer, Michael-Scott Earle

Prince of Thorns, Mark Lawrence

Land of Gods, Justin Sloan [me]


So there you have it. There are other amazing titles, and some notables from before 2010 of course, but I wanted to look at recent books here.



Best Epic Fantasy Books - Land of Gods


Do you agree with my assessment of the best fantasy books of 2010-2016? What would you include or not include? Is it lame of me to include my own book in this list? (I only did it because said it was “The Best Fantasy Series in a Long Time.”) Let me know, but more importantly, get to reading!



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  1. I’ve read two of the indie titles on that list, Zane Halloway and Land of Gods. Both were great! The Destroyer is on my “to read” list. How could it not be with a title like that?

    • Exactly! Awesome book 🙂


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