My Writing Process: Update on Tears of Devotion

map final 1The first book I ever wrote was what has now become two books — Land of Gods and Retribution Calls. These books came out to around 160,000 words combined, which isn’t massive in the world of fantasy books, but it was massive for me. So it makes sense that my largest endeavor yet would be to write the next book, TEARS OF DEVOTION

I’m about 1/3 of the way through the first draft, and am loving it. This is a book that is going to be full of moments that blow your mind. If you wanted more fantasy in books 1 and 2, well now you’re getting it. But know that this was my goal — I loved how Game of Thrones started off without much magic, and slowly built it in. I did the same. Whenever you hear hints of magic discussed in the first two books (SPOILER ALERT?), those are not just hints.

What was my biggest revelation as an author this week? That I need to slow down at certain parts where, in the outline, I was plowing full steam ahead. I looked back at one of my favorite novels, Mistborn (by Brandon Sanderson) and remembered all of the cool heist/ undercover stuff that goes on there. I don’t need this exactly, but I need more moments where we’re taking our time and getting to remember the world we fell in love with in book 1 (and see how it has evolved – they are, after all, in the capital now). It is going to feel rich and rewarding, so in the immortal words of the great Scar, “Be prepared!”

Stay tuned for more updates and more books in the Falls of Redemption series!

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