What is Whispersync?

Whispersync - Justice is CallingI feel like a lot of my readers don’t know what Whispersync is, so I thought I’d take a moment to answer the question:

What is Whispersync?

Put simply, it’s an amazing program that lets you listen to Audiobooks WHILE tracking your progress in the ebook, or vice-versa, so you can pick up one, read, then switch, all without having to track where you left off.

Pretty sweet, right?

It’s also a program that lets you buy the Audiobook for $1.99 if you have bought the ebook, though I’m not sure if this works in every country. Let me know in the comments, please!

There’s also this little tidbit that you might not know about: If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can listen to KU books with Audiobook as part of your subscription (all of mine are KU).

So no more excuses!  Also, if you want even less excuses, you can grab any of these free with an Audible trial. Click my link and I get a kickback – thanks!  (more…)