As we prepare to release book 3, I thought I’d share a couple snippets of Book 1 and 2, so here’s some of DEATH BOUND (Modern Necromancy Book 2). Here goes!

Death BoundDEATH BOUND (And book 1 is Now in Audio)

Chapter 2: Body Snatched

Tess jumped up, charging Rohan, and then she was on him, clawing and screaming, a silver glow emanating from her skin.

Rohan pushed her and held her at arm’s length, but she swiped his arm away, pushing it aside as if it were nothing. Supernatural strength! He hadn’t expected that.

He couldn’t strike her. Even if Altemus was inside her, it would hurt Tess, and she was innocent.

They stumbled backward and collided with a wall.

Something metallic hit him on the head, and suddenly the room was spinning and he was on the floor.

Pots and pans clanged around him, and seeing blood on one of them, he realized that must have been what hit him.

Hands were around his throat. He grunted as Tess spoke, and this time it was Anne Altemus’s voice that said, “You tried to destroy us. But we waited, we recovered our strength, and now it’s us who will destroy everything you care about.” (more…)