NOTE: I’m relaunching the boxset! To get you pumped, here a sample chapter 🙂 Oh, and SPOILER ALERT. It happens a bit later in the book. 

Falls of Redemption

“The years have treated you poorly,” Semreh said playfully from the doorway.

Equitas turned with delight to see his old friend, creases around the young King’s eyes. He had to be in his late-twenties, at most, but the years had been unkind. Still, he held himself well, posture straight, rich purple robes hanging from his almost-plump body.

“The same can’t be said for you,” Equitas replied with a laugh. “I see they feed you well in the North.”

“Hey now, that’s my queen’s fault. She keeps insisting I eat more. Says skinny men remind her of little boys.” He held his belly like it was an award. “This, she tells me, makes me look like the man I am. A great one, in case you were wondering.”

They both laughed and took each other in an embrace.

“Where’s this queen of yours?” Equitas asked, looking down the hall past Semreh.

“She wanted to spend some time with your mother. You know, queen time.”

“And here you are, stuck with me.”

Semreh laughed. “I figured we’d investigate my neighbors of the South, see how the people of Braze are faring. Go undercover.”

“You can’t be serious.”

With a quick movement, Semreh cast his purple robes aside to reveal brown street clothes underneath.

“Semreh, it’s dangerous.”

“Are you telling me the streets of Nethia are not as well-maintained as you’d have the rest of the world believe?”

“From what I hear, they’re fine, but—”

“Then come, you must not deny your king his pleasures.” Semreh moved to the window and glanced out to the courtyard two stories down. “Wonderful. We’ll get to practice our climbing skills.”

“Do we have to?” Equitas sighed, seeing his friend already climbing out of the open window. “Lucky for me Amaris isn’t here. She’d kill me if she saw this foolishness.”

“Nonsense.” Semreh smiled up from a window ledge. He lowered himself over to an awning where he landed firmly and then slid down before jumping to another window ledge. “She’d probably be leading the adventure.” (more…)



Shades of LightAlastar had just finished wiping a smudge of dirt from his gold-rimmed, pure white armor when his sister, Rhona, entered. She gave him that look he always hated—a raised eyebrow, a gaze that dared him to look away from her green eyes, and a hint of a smile at her lips. It was the look she gave him whenever she was about to knock him back down to size and remind him of their humble beginnings.

“Let me stop you right there,” he said, fastening his gold cloak over his shoulders and turning to the mirror. Damn, he looked good. Not in a conceited, sexy sort of way, but as a strong paladin who deserved every bit of honor the High Paladin, Sir Gildon, was about to bestow on him.

Making eye contact with Rhona, he attempted to match her confidence as he said, “I earned this.”

“Oh, and I had nothing to do with it?”

“You were there when I needed you, aye. But I was the one who caught the warlock. I am the paladin here, don’t forget.”

“How could I ever?” Her brow furrowed into a glare that lasted only a moment. “I’m simply looking out for you.” She stepped up beside him and reached a hand over to smooth out his cloak. “It’s just… there’ve been too many times we thought he was preparing to send you on the holy quest.”

“I have proven myself.” Alastar turned, voice rising in his excitement. “Why shouldn’t Sir Gildon send me on the next expedition?”

She shrugged. “He should, there’s no doubt. But that doesn’t mean he will. You don’t notice the way he eyes me.” (more…)