UNEDITED (This is book 4 in the Reclaiming Honor series [A Kurtherian Gambit series]. Check out books 1-3 on Amazon, all in Kindle Unlimited)

Angel of ReckoningOld Manhattan

Valerie loved having Sandra to herself again, for the first time in what felt like years. They had found a spot at the outskirts of the main part of the city, on a rooftop where Valerie often found herself lately, attracted by the enticing aroma of the thyme and mint planted there, especially when it wafted along on a cool spring breeze just like today.

“We really have no other options?” Sandra said,

“Not without putting more people at risk.” Valerie took a small leaf of mint, crushed it in her fingers, and then breathed in the scent with a refreshing sigh after. “I have no tolerance for more innocent death.”

“Not that you ever did.”

Valerie considered her, head tilted, and said, “Honestly? Toward the end of that Strake business, or even in the Bazaar, I was starting to wonder about it all. Like who had I become? Was this really me?”

“Seriously?” Sandra laughed, leaning over the railing to look out at the debris and ruins in the distance. “I’ve always loved you, always will. But the Valerie you are now? This woman you’ve become? That’s the real you. That’s the Justice Enforcer who will bring the evil of this land to its knees.”

“You think?” Valerie joined her to lean against the railing. She was vaguely aware that the metal was cold, but it didn’t bother her.

Sandra simply nodded.

“You sure you won’t reconsider staying behind?” Valerie asked. (more…)


As we prepare to release book 3, I thought I’d share some snippets! You might want to read Book 1 and 2, but when you’re ready, here goes!

Death CrownedUNEDITED

Chapter 1: Homecoming

Rohan’s drenched clothes clung to his body as he focused on the blazing city before him. Spirits and demons were flashing through the air in the distance, appearing as wisps of red and black light. Screams ripped through the night that was otherwise silent.

If he ever got ahold of the spirits of Altemus and Anne, they would pay for this.

He would make sure of that.

Altemus had somehow managed to outwit Rohan and Nora. He activated the tablet with the orb they called The Eye of Gilgamesh, and then, even though Rohan had been certain they’d won, he merged Hell and Earth. On a plane back to the United States Rohan had to use his powers to stop the plane from crashing when the spirits were unleashed.

Now, he wasn’t sure where he was, but he knew they couldn’t have been too far from Washington, D.C. when the plane landed.

He took the lead, Nora directly behind him, then Tess and Beverly. They ran across a warehouse parking lot next to the river the plane had landed in, searching for a way out of this mess.

“Keep up,” he shouted over his shoulder as he ducked behind the warehouse. He ran toward a wire fence, but his legs gave out on him just as he reached it, causing him to slam into the fence, hard. He barely caught himself at the last second, legs wobbling and nerves on edge.

Nora helped him up, her hand lingering on his shoulder.

“You’re the one we should be worried about,” she said. (more…)



cd1f7852-c40d-4675-9213-a01c98825ee7Enforcer HQ

Valerie lingered at the edge of the roof, watching the sunlight flood the city below her. Her eyes watered as she watched stared into the light, but she couldn’t stop—it had been so long since she had seen a sunrise.

Deep shadows moved across the waking city of Old Manhattan, and from up here, on the rooftop of the Enforcer Headquarters that she’d taken over and made her own,

Now she had stripped them of that title and taken it for herself. She had defeated Donovan and been appointed by Michael himself—the Dark Messiah, returned—to be his Justice Enforcer. His representative in America, in charge of putting a stop to the hunting of vampires and, in time, be ready for Michael to come calling, should he need her.

Finally she closed her eyes and just felt the warmth of the sun on her skin. If not for Michael’s blood, which he had given her in the night, this wouldn’t be possible. But now she was the only other vampire alive that she knew of who could walk in the sunlight. Her, and the legendary Michael, who she was still having a hard time believing existed.

Her friends had gone inside and were briefing the new Weres and vampires that she had adopted into her army. This time, she took the elevator down, but didn’t stop at the thirtieth floor where she knew Cammie and the others would be discussing how the UnknownWorld and police would work together to ensure the UnknownWorld’s existence stayed a secret. No, she went all the way to the lobby, walked right past several gawking freshmen, as she’d just decided to call the less experienced members of the UnknownWorld. Pushing through the doors, she thought she heard someone calling her name, but she didn’t stop to find out.

Right now, she deserved some peace and quiet. The others would need sleep, but not her—not yet. After feeding on Michael, she’d felt as if she’d rested for a year. Her mind was clear, her muscles strong. Everything in synch.

So she was going to take a walk along the water, damn it.  (more…)