As we prepare to release book 3, I thought I’d share a couple snippets of Book 1 and 2 with you. So here’s some of Death Marked (Modern Necromancy Book 1). Here goes!

deathmarked-blueDEATH MARKED (121 reviews on! Now in Audio)

They ran down the steep mountain slopes that had taken them several days to climb. More than once they had to hide in crevices in the rocks, cramped against each other, waiting with paused breath in the darkness as snowmobiles zoomed past, headlights casting long shadows across the face of the mountain.

“They’re relentless,” Rohan said, after they climbed out a crevice for the fifth time.

Altemus joined him, then patted the velvet bag around his waist. “Let ‘em try to take it from me.”

It was grueling and nerve-racking, but they made their way down the slopes without being caught. After a day’s travel, the snowmobile patrols let up as the snow gave way to rocky ground. The trio had the advantage on foot, and now that they were in the clear, they picked up their speed and descended twice as fast as they had climbed.

The sky changed from gray to bright blue with wispy clouds. The sharp, snowy peaks of the Urals rose into the air behind them. The air grew fuller, too, and Rohan loosened his jacket collar as the temperature rose and he found it easier to breathe. Every once in a while, he looked over his shoulders at the peaks, glad the temple was far away. (more…)