UNEDITED (Book 1 is now available on Amazon! Book 2 on preorder)

Syndicate Wars 2Samantha ran headlong through the broken cityscape, listening to the sound of the metal monster that was hunting her. She ducked behind a charred school bus and took to her heels, slingshotting across an intersection that revealed the aftermath of a Syndicate attack. The road was bottlenecked with wrecked machines, upraised sections of road, fallen buildings, and clusters of bodies in various states of decay. A real horror show as far as the eye could see.

Catching her breath, Samantha looked back and gasped. An alien drone, one of the really big mothers was visible, just down the street, striding forward like a mechanical spider.

The drone pistoned its spiked metal legs into the bricks on the side of a building and scampered up and scoped the terrain before it. Then it vaulted forward, before—


Landing with a terrific thud in the middle of the street, mushrooming debris into the air. The machine was almost translucent black with red streaks, the color of beets, as tall as a construction crane, and as heavily armored as an entire tank battalion.. Samantha listened to the sound of gears straining with it, heard the echo of hissing valves and snapping pistons as its armored turret swept left and right, searching for her.

It was midday but cloudy and so what looked like headlights on the thing’s turret snapped on, red lasers lancing out, cleaving the shadows that lay between what was left of the city’s financial district. (more…)