UNEDITED (This is book 7. Grab Books 1-6 on Amazon)
SAVED BY VALORHow the hell everyone had survived that, she had no clue. For what seemed like an eternity she just laid there, watching the rain. When it finally started to let up and rays of sunlight hit the airship’s balloon, she sat up and scanned the deck.

The ship was damn full, half of them at work, half just trying to get out of the way.

They saw her sitting up, and started to cheer.

“Enough of that,” she shouted, leaping up and pulling at her clothes, as if she could brush the water away. “You all did it.”

“But we lost the ship,” Reems admitted morosely.

She looked back at the storm in the distance. With her vampire sight, she was just able to see the shape of her ship where it had landed on the side of a hill, not far from the coastline.

For a long moment, nobody spoke. It as likely they were all waiting for someone, likely Valerie, to explode. This shouldn’t have happened. One little storm, and they lost their shit. (more…)