Shades of Justice

Fires smoldered, sending a steady plume of black smoke over the town supposedly populated by water mages. The sight was enough to give Andreas doubts about their location. How could water mages have let this happen?

Still, given all the fighting he had seen—including the crazy sorcerers—it wasn’t unthinkable. Why nobody had bothered to put out the fires, though, was another question.

“Looks like we’re too late,” Lars said as they came around the bend, now better able to see the town that had been destroyed.

“Wait… There!” Kim was at the wheel of the ship, eyes narrowed, pointing.

Sure enough, someone was moving toward them, and then they saw more than one. A whole group was coming their way.

“Friend or foe?” Lars asked.

“That’s what we’re about to find out,” Andreas replied, staff gripped firmly in his hand. If there was trouble he was ready to get them out of there quickly, with a little help from the waves and wind.

“Would you look at that?” Kim exclaimed. “Horses!” (more…)