Any interest in podcasts?

If you’re into reading, you may be like me and like hearing the backstory to the creative process. Or maybe you’re a writer yourself? Either way, you should check out the podcasts we’re doing now. I have three, which can be a bit overwhelming (for sure!) but also forces me to always be reassessing and growing as an author.

Do you have an interest in SELF-PUBLISHING? Check out the “Self Publishing Answers” podcast:


Think writing is awesome, but don’t want to be so narrowly focused? Maybe you’re curious about books, comics, video games, movies, and television? Check out the “Creative Writing Career” podcast:

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Or maybe you are a veteran or loving hearing stories of veterans? If so, we have a great podcast that shares stories of veterans going from their time in the military to jobs such as acting, writing, directing, and more on the “Military Veterans in Creative Careers” podcast:


Check them out, let me know what you think, and please subscribe and leave a review in iTunes.