From a review for Valerie’s Elites: 

“Justin Sloan has no equal in the construction of mind-blowing, all-action sci-fi thrillers with a twist”


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Justice is Calling

The History of the World wasn’t what Valerie was taught.

The daughter of a vampire and sister of a devil walking, Valerie finds out she has something neither her brother nor her father possess:

She has Honor.

Now, she needs to flee a brother who leaves her for dead. Because, if there is one thing Valerie understands?

It’s that Justice Doesn’t Turn the Other Cheek.

150 years after a near apocalypse, the world is rebuilding. Survival has become the only rule, and justice is in short supply. Now, Justice has come calling.

Justice Is Calling is part of The Kurtherian Gambit Universe.

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But wait, who am I, you ask?


I am a video game writer (with credits on such games as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead: Michonne, and Tales from the Borderlands), novelist (Justice is Calling, Hounds of God, Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon, Falls of Redemption), and screenwriter (adaptations such as Wrecked and Kick).

I have written on how to take your writing from hobby to career in such books as Creative Writing Career and its sequel, and on how veterans can pursue their creative passions in his book Military Veterans in Creative Careers. I studied writing at the Johns Hopkins University MA in writing program and at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television’s Professional Program in Screenwriting.

I was in the Marines for five years and have lived in Japan, Korea, and Italy. I currently live with my amazing wife and children in the Bay Area.

Email: JustinSloanAuthor@Gmail.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustinSloanAuthor

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