Middle Grade and Young Adult Books Free with Instafreebie


Middle Grade and Young Adult Books Free - Instafreebie

These Young Adult and Middle Grade books will make you laugh, cry, and sit at the edge of your seat in anticipation. And that’s just the covers – wait until you see what’s inside! And they’re FREE!

Head on over to Instafreebie to get these books and sneak peeks free, by clicking on the links to the books below:



Val O. Morris starts us off in a fun way with Zombie Boy: Press Start – available for only a limited time, and about Liam and his friends getting trapped in a video game overrun with zombies. Perfect timing for Halloween 🙂



Matthew Stott’s book The Increasingly Transparent Girl: A Tale from Between looks like another great find in time for Halloween!


Unofficial Minecraft Book - Blade of the Sea

Dragons and flaming swords aren’t really Halloween, but they are freaken AWESOME. And who doesn’t love a good unofficial Minecraft book like Blade of the Sea. (an exclusive sneak peek)



The idea of seeing fairies through glasses sounds fun and magical! Check out Emily Martha Sorensen’s Fairy Eyeglasses.



Hilary Thompson brings us a tale of people trapped underground and a prophesied maiden of Justice to rescue them. Sounds fun? Grab your copy of Justice Buried.



Here’s a preview of Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon, an urban fantasy book that you’ll love. Don’t worry, you get the whole thing with the first author newsletter email.



J.L. Hendricks brings us the prequel book in her Eclipse Series, and yeah, it has vampires and all sorts of awesomeness. Enjoy Eclipse of the Beginning.



Another awesome vampire book, H.J. Lawson brings you Defender of Mankind: Hidden Vampire Slayer Prequel.



Kathleen Rovner has a cool book in When Lightning Strikes, a suspenseful young adult fantasy novels with a touch of romance. You can’t pass this one up.



Last but not least, Mandy Peterson brings us Before I Shatter, which is based on an experience that we all share: that hyper-real dream you have one night that stays imprinted on your mind. What if it wasn’t just a dream after all?




Want 20 more great books? Here’s another awesome group promo I came across: “Young Adult Paranormal, Fantasy & Science Fiction for the adventurous at heart.

So there you have it! Some amazing free Middle Grade and Young Adult books  on Instfreebie. Grab them before they’re gone, and enjoy the newsletters to follow – these amazing authors will be following up with more freebies, behind the scenes, and updates on upcoming books. How can you repay us? Spread the word, leave reviews, and (most of all) enjoy the books!


Free Young Adult and Middle Grade books on Instafreebie


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