My Video Game Writing Interview with the Geeks of a Certain Age Show

Justin Sloan Video Game InterviewI recently went on the Geeks of a Certain Age show to talk video game writing, including of course Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, Minecraft Story Mode, Walking Dead Michonne, and the mobile/ other freelance gigs I’ve been doing since.

If you’re interested in video games and writing for video games, come check us out. I had a blast chatting with the guys 🙂

Also, notice in the link the shoutout to my Exclusive Instafreebie Book Launch for the book DEATH MARKED that I cowrote with Michael La Ronn. Yeah, it’s awesome. And free. Find more information about why I’m launching for free and on Instafreebie HERE.


Episode 18 | Telltale Twins

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