The Dark Knights: A King Arthur Short Story

The Dark Knights - A King Arthur Short StoryThe Dark Knights: A King Arthur Short Story is now available for free on Instafreebie or for $0.99 on Amazon. It is a short story that I plan to turn into a novel – but only when it’s gotten enough attention. So if you like the story, let me know! Buy the preorder, leave a review when it comes out December 4, and spread the word 🙂


It’s easy to describe when you’re telling your friends. Just say, “Imagine King Arthur and his knights as vampires, controlled by Merlin who was once a paladin but has become a corrupt sorcerer.” You can figure out where the story sets off from there (King Arthur doesn’t like being anyone’s slave).

Available now for free exclusively on Intsafreebie!

And if you want more of my fantasy, check out LAND OF GODS, book 1 in the Falls of Redemption epic military fantasy. On its surface it seems less dark fantasy than The Dark Knights, but wait until you get to book 3 🙂


Narcel’s enslavers took everything from him: his family, the woman he loves, and his freedom. All he has left is his will to live and a burning hatred for his masters. 

Years of living and training with the Mawtu changes Narcel. Once his sworn enemies, he now considers these men friends and brothers-at-arms. He would snuff the life from those who oppose them, and fight and die to protect them.

Battle looms on the horizon and the Mawtu army faces its toughest challenge yet. Will Narcel side with his enslavers and lead their army to victory, or will Narcel finally exact his revenge and betray the army that took everything from him?

Best Epic Fantasy Books - Land of Gods

So there you go! Head on over and pick up your copy of THE DARK KNIGHTS, and then go check out Land of Gods while you’re at it.




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