Cover Reveal: LAND OF GODS

Book 1 - Falls of RedemptionAt long last, I’m happy to reveal my cover for LAND OF GODS! If you’re confused because this book was already published, here’s the deal – iterate and optimize, as the SPP guys say (Sean Platt et al). That was a place holder cover, as is the cover for book 2, RETRIBUTION CALLS.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Have ideas for book 2? Let me know – the artist is at work! (more…)

Dawn of Destiny book launch

Dawn of Destiny - SMALLMy sequel to Back by Sunrise is now live – DAWN OF DESTINY. Check it out while it’s only $0.99, and please leave a review.

The Book: 

It’s been a year since Brooke spent a night as a bird, and now she’s beginning to wonder if it ever really happened. She still grieves her father, but has her family and her new friend, Clarice, to keep her happy. That joy is replaced by confusion when two of her dad’s old Army buddies show up asking about a necklace.

Could they be after the same necklace that magically turned Brooke into a bird?

She thinks surely not, but when she overhears them saying that they’re all doomed if they don’t find that necklace, her worries are confirmed. It gets worse when another person shows up asking for the necklace, shadows move in ways they should not, and Clarice is put in harms way.

Will Brooke be able to navigate this storm of confusion and chaos? She’ll certainly use everything in her arsenal to try, and may see a little magic along the way.

Young Readers (7-12).