Kill Code Review

Kill Code AudiobookThanks for the reviews! It’s always good to see my work appreciated, and in this case the reviewers seem to be hitting it spot on. These KILL CODE reviews demonstrate the idea of the book, so I wanted to give them a shoutout:

★★★★★ “Retro gaming meets VR gamelit”
This was a really fun listen. I really liked how old school games and beloved characters were not only a big part of the plot, but made appearances and helped out. Definitely similar to Ready Player One with the retro gaming nostalgia, but a classic stuck in the game LitRPG with high stakes. Excited for the next book and where it goes from here.

And here’s another:

★★★★★ “Another great book from a leader in the genre!”

While not a big fan of audiobooks, this one was an easy listen. the narrator was easy to understand, well spoken and did a great job giving voices to the multiple characters. As for the book, it had a steadily flowing plot that was easy to follow. Multiple interesting settings both in and out of the game world and a diverse group of characters. The protagonist has a sense of depth and backstory that allows the reader to easily connect to the story. All of the characters seem realistic as do their actions and choices. Action packed throughout the final fight of this book was written wonderful and still leaves the option for more books in the series.

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