UNEDITED – Chapter 1, partial

Justice is Calling - Kurtherian Gambit SeriesValerie turned her head just enough to stop the rancid, oil-slicked water from flowing into her mouth. The street was filthy, even ignoring the blood and guts—not that those would disgust her. Well, not the blood anyway, her being a vampire and all.

Something had tasted nasty in that water. Nasty enough for her to care to move her head, in spite of the piercing pain that doing so sent through her body. That’s what happens when your brother breaks practically every bone in your body and leaves you on the rain-drenched street.

Utter and unbelievable pain.

In fact, she was ready for the sun to come up. Hoping it would hurry and get on with it. How much worse than what she was already feeling could the sun be? Death had never scared her. But pain? Even though she had always healed from it, she hated pain.

And with this much pain, she was ready to die. All thanks to her brother, Donovan.

She’d hoped he was gone, done with her, but she felt him next to her. She could smell his scent, even through the blood that had come streaming out of her broken nose.

Donovan, that ass, kneeled down and moved her hair so that it wasn’t blocking her view of him.

“See, Valerie, I can be nice when I want to.” He chuckled and cast a glance over his shoulder, where, she imagined, one of his goons stood. She couldn’t see from this angle. Probably Jean-Pierre, his right-hand man and the one that had delivered the sucker punch that set her up for her brother’s beat-down.

He turned back to her. “I just never care to be nice,” he continued. He leaned a little closer, enough so that she could smell his breath. “That’s the difference between you and me.”

The soldiers laughed, and she imagined ripping their pitiful, small-brained heads from their bodies. They’d ambushed her as she walked down the rainy street. Lost in her thoughts, she would’ve been able to take them any other time, but today something had changed. She lost focus… and direction.

She’d seen the chaos, the death, the truth. If the lies had been a veil covering her eyes, today had ripped it from her face and exposed the ugliness that was truth. Now the reality of her situation didn’t sit right with her. Especially not when she’d turned to see one of her brother’s men taking the life of a child. A defenseless child, dead, for no reason. And now… she couldn’t do anything to stop the ruthless pricks.

It sucked.

“You. Are. A. Dick,” she managed between pained breaths and choking on the sewer runoff that found its way into her mouth again.

She coughed up and half-vomited, pleased to see the scrunched up expression on Donovan’s face when some of the sewage-spit-meets-vomit hit his shoes.

“Yes,” he said, casually standing up and then wiping his shoe off on her pants. “But this dick isn’t the one dying in a deserted street, waiting for the clouds to break apart and have the unholy sun come down and kill her, is he?” He sneered, then laughed when she tried to talk again and failed.

She looked to the dark blue at the edge of the black sky, a hint of pink working its way up along with the rising sun, and struggled to say, “Dad…”

He barked a laugh. “Dad? Dad is going to appreciate the truth, if I ever get around to telling him. Why he dotes on your worthless, spineless ass, I don’t know. Sure, he will be sad for maybe a day or two, but then he’ll get over it and can continue to plan the eventual takeover of the New York City State by yours truly.” Donovan glared down at her, disdain heavy in his voice as he said, “Not by a little whore who disgraces all vampires with her inability to act.”

He watched her for a minute, lying there, broken and bleeding. Then he smiled. “Darling sister, you look sick.” With a laugh, he kicked sewage water in her face. “You should stay hydrated.”

Behind closed eyelids, the embers of her anger started to simmer, the sewage runoff like gas for the burning hatred in her gut.

Dying? Now dying wasn’t an option. His ass would be hers if it was the last thing she managed in this life.

Donovan and his men walked off, laughing, as she tried to figure out how she could prevent the sun from keeping her from her vengeance.

No, not vengeance.


She tried to move her hand, but all she could manage was a whimper of pain. A tear, laced with blood, joined the water beneath her face.



FROM JUSTIN >>> This is especially exciting for me to share today because I literally JUST finished Justice is Calling and was able to write ‘The End.’ It’s such an amazing feeling, but not as amazing as hearing from readers. So, and because Michael Anderle always does these great snippets, I’ve decided to share this snippet of the book we wrote together. Yay!

Click here if you enjoyed the snippet and want to purchase the book.

You can also get the snippets (1-4) on your e-Reader by grabbing the sneak peek over at Instafreebie.

In case you don’t know, Michael has written a full series of books in the Kurtherian Gambit series. You certainly don’t have to read those to understand this book, but if you like our story you’re going to love his books.

Since now all of my readers know of Michael, I’m going to share his book information below. As I share future snippets, I’ll highlight some other authors I think are awesome and that you HAVE to know about. Stay tuned! But for now, check out The Kurtherian Gambit Series. These books are action-packed for people who enjoy a thrill ride with characters who kick butt. Kind of like John Wick  but with vampires.



The Kurtherian GambitThere are currently 14 books in Michael’s series, so you have a lot to dive into! I picked this cover (among his many great ones), because I love how it shows what a badass she is.

Buy the Kurhterian Gambit Books here, or get them FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The books follow Bethany Anne, a cool military woman who (spoiler?) gets turned into a vampire. Only, in this world vampires aren’t exactly what you think they are (and no, they’d don’t sparkle in the sun).


Here’s the description for book 1: 

What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is wrong…so very, very, wrong.

A thousand years of effort to keep the UnknownWorld hidden is unraveling and the Patriarch is tired.  He needs to find someone to take over.

He finds Bethany Anne.

Unknown, untested and untried she sets out to accomplish the impossible while forging a new future.  One that no one knew was in danger.

And she does it with an attitude that will make you stand up and cheer!

They say a dress can make a women, but in this case, the dress is Death, and Death Becomes Her very well indeed.


Death Becomes Her

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  1. I’m a big fan of The Kurtherian Gambit series.
    I already like what Paul Middleton has added to the series, so I am delighted that it continues to expand with new writers. So…
    Welcome, Justin Sloan!
    I’ve pre-ordered my copy of this. Have you?

    • Wonderful! Thank you, I’m happy to be on the team 🙂



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