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Today I’m excited to share that my epic military fantasy book, Blades of Gresva, was featured on Instafreebie on the home page. Exciting! So if you’re into fantasy and want a free book, plus more when you sign up for my author newsletter, check it out!



Blades of Gresva by Justin Sloan

In this short prequel to the Falls of Redemption trilogy, Narcel’s father and Lokum’s uncle, SERGON, sets off on a secret mission with the Reveries of the religious capital, Gresva.

They are on a quest to wipe out a faction of worshipers of The Six, old gods that required human sacrifice to bring people back from the dead.

Sergon finds himself sneaking through pirate camps and confronted with his worst nightmare in a life or death mission that may be his last.


The Genetic Imperative by P. Joseph Cherubino

Captain Nina Gaav is a soldier from an ancient race of Humanoids who are born to defend life in the Galaxy. They call themselves Advocate Warriors. She and her billions of sisters learn from birth that they must give their lives to protect and preserve sentient beings everywhere. They fight the Silicoids: beings capable of consuming entire planets with relentless hunger.

When Nina faces orders that threaten her existence as well as her way of life, she has questions Advocates are not allowed to ask. As the balance of life is changing, Nina faces impossible choices.

Does she follow the ancient ways of her kind, no matter the cost? Is there some new path to follow that reconciles duty and freedom? Nina is shocked to discover the answers may be on Earth.

But life on Earth is not what it seems. A secret group of Humans works with the dangerous knowledge that might restore the balance.

Humanity and Advocates must work together, but the distance between them is closer than blood and greater than space.

If Nina makes the right decisions, life may go on.


Clockwork Gold by Jenny Schwartz

There’s a conspiracy in the Goldfields of Western Australia, and the money men of London don’t like it. Dirigible pilot Rebecca Jones likes it even less. She has a messenger service to run, justice to pursue in a lawless land, and she can do without Special Agent to the Crown, Nathan Burton, hijacking her dirigible—and her heart—and disrupting her carefully laid plans. The result is adventure, romance and explosions.

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$10 and Signed Fantasy Book Giveaway – LAND OF GODS

CONTEST OVER: Congrats to Jody Carrington

BLADES OF GRESVA: Top Customer Review

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is the perfect prequel to the trilogy. I’m glad I read this after the trilogy because it made the Tears of Devotion a more satisfying read. This series is well worth reading again. Thanks, Justin, Keep writing.


Fantasy Trilogy: Falls of Redemption

You can also get the full trilogy for 60% off the purchase price if you were to buy the books separately. I’ll let you decide whether to read that first or second.

Get that here

Falls of Redemption - Boxset

In a land where warriors can become gods, one man is torn from his love and forced to fight as a slave.

Readers are calling the Falls of Redemption trilogy “riveting” and “wonderfully written” in what they have termed, “part ancient Greek adventure, part military basic training story, and part love triangle.” 

When his brother vanishes, Narcel is next in line to rule his city, but only wants a simple life with the girl he loves.

Little does he know, the heavens have greater plans for him. He’s taken from his village and forced to fight for a neighboring clan, but when war breaks out in the land of Braze, he must choose sides between the family he knew as a boy and the brothers in arms he’s formed as a man.

Forced to become the warrior he never wanted to be, torn from everything he thought he knew about life, Narcel builds the courage to set things right. But his actions propel him and his lands into an inescapable path toward war and destruction.

This omnibus edition contains almost 700 pages of epic military fantasy adventure, political backstabbing, and warfare. It includes Land of Gods, Retribution Calls, and Tears of Devotion.



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