Comic Con Video Game Lovers Get 4 Free Books

New York Comic Con Instafreebie Promo

Hey video game lovers and anyone attending Comic Con in New York this week? Even if you’re not, we have a treat for you – 4 books that have video game tie-ins or similarities. So while you’re taking a break from geeking out and having a blast at New York Comic Con, or sitting around at home wishing you were, enjoy these books on us.


The first is by myself and author Michael La Ronn, and is being touted as Shadow of Mordor meets Tomb Raider. With both of those being awesome games, and Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4 next month, you can’t go wrong! Grab Death Marked here.



Are you in the mood for Romance of the Three Kingdoms? Maybe something that’s a bit of Diablo meets Genji Dawn of the Samurai? Great, this book is perfect for you! Grab Six Celestial Swords here.



Just in time for Halloween and New York Comic Con — zombies and a boy trapped in a game! Transformed from a down on his luck boy next door into a zombie bashing video game character, Liam must learn to deal with bullies, new friends, and loss while attempting to learn the rules of the game and save everyone from a zombie apocalypse. Get the teaser for Zombie Boy Press Start here.


Minecraft Unofficial Book The Skeleton King

And finally, I know there’s got to be some Minecraft fans in the house. This unofficial Minecraft novel, by Jesse Nethermind, is perfect for Halloween, and is the prequel novel to the 4-book Blade of the Sea series, but works as a standalone. Be ready, because in addition to being about Minecraft stuff, it’s a bit Indiana Jones meets The Mummy. Get The Skeleton King here.


So whether you went to Comic Con CA or NY, or just enjoy video games, these books will be right up your alley.


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  1. Tried to download Sloan starter library but the capcha wouldn’t stop going around and let me get in

    Love the freebies and getting to read new authors

    • Good to know! Did it ever let you in? Here’s the direct link, if that helps.


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