Awesome Book Sale!


Guess what? I partnered up with some cool authors to all offer an awesome book sale — each book is only $0.99, and some are boxsets (including mine, Allie Strom: The Bringer of Light Trilogy)! These are some sweet deals, so get on it.

Grab your $0.99 books:

Academia of the Beast by K.N. Lee

Cursed by J.A. Cipriano

The Amber Project by J.N. Chaney

Allie Strom: The Bringer of Light Trilogy (Box Set)

Worlds Collide by J.L. Hendricks

The Lucidites Box Set by Sarah Nofke

Shy Girls Write it Better by May Sage

Also, there’s some cool stuff going on over at author J.L. Hendrick’s website with free books and more $0.99 deals. So go check them out when you’re done here. We want to make sure you ALWAYS have enough reading to do!

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